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A #1 "New York Times" bestselling author, Joseph Wambaugh invented the modern police procedural thriller. Now in his long-awaited return to the LAPD, he deploys his bone-deep understanding of cops' lives--and a lethal sense of humor--in a stunning new novel. For a cop, a night on the job means killing time and trying not to get killed. If you're in Hollywood Division, it also means dealing with some of the most desperate criminals anywhere. Now the violent robbery of a Hollywood jewelry store quickly connects to a Russian nightclub and an undercover operation gone wrong, and the sergeant they call the Oracle and his squad of quirky cops have to make sense of it all. From an officer who dreams of stardom, to a single mother packing a breast pump, to partners who'd rather be surfing, they'll take you on a raucous ride through a gritty city where no one is safe. Especially not the cops.
Description of Hollywood Station. Hollywood Station is a great place to call home with much to offer and plenty to do and see. The building is very nice and well maintained and has a beautiful rooftop sports lounge and deck, really nice and convenient.
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AUTHOR Joseph Wambaugh
FILENAME Hollywood Station.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 Apr 2008

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The unit is wonderful- spacious for the cost. Heads up that you will hear the train, regardless of w... hat side you are on. The management is completely horrible. I rented there and I was fortunate to rent from a fantastic owner (quick to respond, great maintenance service, etc.).

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Hollywood Station is a wild ride, a series of hard-hitting vignettes that move the reader through a story that is as much about a place as it is about the characters and plot. The plot ostensibly revolves around a pair of meth addicts (Farley and Olive) who steal mail and sell the proceeds to upper level criminals.


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